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Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Thinking through making

Event series/Veranstaltungsreihe

Welcome to the event series


The 1. Round starts on 16 April 2021 and is supported by the Project Grant of the Hessische Kulturstiftung


As the title suggests, we will be exploring both, thinking and making.

We’ll be doing that in form of discussion rounds, talks and workshops.

There seems to be a broad consensus that lion’s share of profound thinking is done by scientists and philosophers. But is it so? And to what extent other breeds of this activity contribute to the richness and depth of our life experience? What is about artistic thinking, embodied thinking or animal thinking? Does it exist?

As the series unfolds, we’ll try our best to dive into very diverse intellectual waters. It means that there are going to be conversations and disputes with scientists as much as with artists, with philosophers no less than with poets. Such constellation is abound with surprises. It might even happen that sparring matches outweigh gentle duets, but touchiness has to retreat where untamed curiosity rules.

It is said that artists have their distinct ways to connect to the world, to shape and mold thoughts, to tackle challenges. The main issue throughout the whole series is to x-ray this peculiar species of artistic thinking and being.

To avoid getting too big for our boots, we’ll stay moored on the “natural” side of said vast waters. It means, we’ll be exposed to very different kind of practices, but to different kind having a substantial common denominator. Each one of these practices explores a complex set of relationships to what is rather frivolously summoned up under a catchall term nature and to non-human animals in particular. Many of them are informed by the #AnimalStudies #HumanAnimalStudies

The 1. event takes place on 16 April in form of a panel discussion and is supported by the project grant of the Hessische Kulturstiftung. It will focus on artistic practices and on artistic ways of thinking through making.

The event will be subject to the hygiene and social distancing regulations of the state of Hesse.



Basis Project Space

Elbestr. 10

60329 Frankfurt

Further details follow

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